Thursday, July 28, 2011

Some people's trash

We drove past the dumpster and Luke immediately looked at me shaking his head no at me. He knew what I was gonna do without my even saying anything. I let him think he got his way, but later sent him a picture text that said: Look what I brought home!

Gross, huh?

It sat on the patio for a few months until I could decide what to do with it. Then one day at Target, I saw a stack of gorgeous outdoor tablecloths. And Target always has just the right prices. So I brought home a couple to see how they would do. After a little while making up a pattern and then sitting at the sewing machine, I came up with this:

Pretty neat, huh? Luke sure made fun of me when I brought it home, but we definitely enjoyed watching several springtime thunderstorms Texas is so famous for. Makes me glad for other people's trash.