Monday, July 18, 2011

birthdays are so underrated

(Let me tell you my rambling thoughts about this picture: i love all the natural light that streams into our house, i LOVE my green kitchenaid mixer, i love the candlestick above the cupboards that we used for our wedding, i love that the cupcake stand is almost empty but had cupcakes with silly red sox paraphernalia, i love the little black leafed begonia in the windowsill - you should see how much it has grown, i look at it every day and it seriously makes me happy. Please note Luke's hat on the counter. I have been instructed to put it in the dishwasher to clean it. The pile of papers that are my to do list absolutely make me crazy. How do you not have a pile on the counter? I wish it was invisible. The two jars are mango salsa for Luke's parents and I keep forgetting to bring it with us when we see them.)

So we celebrate birthweeks around here. Well, why not? It's only us and it just seems so much more fun to get to celebrate that much longer (read: your vote for dinner/evening activities trumps the other). Its kinda funny though, cause neither of us really want a party. But since it was a BIG birthday, I felt like I had to do something extra, so I made some funny paper garlands and hung them around our house. Luke laughed because he was turning 30, not 3. I love that he humors my ridiculousness. We have had fun celebrating Luke even if his big idea for his actual birthday is to bring Five Guys home to eat while watching the Red Sox. Guys, he LOVES his Red Sox more than most anything else (myself excluded, of course).

Here are 30 things I love about my husband:
(Warning: it gets sappy and personal)

1. He ALWAYS opens the car door for me. Yes, in the rain too. And since its been so hot lately, he will just open it and instead of waiting for me to get in like he normally does, he says "its hot" and then goes to get in and start it so I won't just be sitting in the hot car. Isn't that the cutest?

2. He texts me every day when he gets to work to let me know he got there safely. I love waking up to his sweet messages every morning.

3. He always calls in to check on me, to tell me he likes his lunch, to tell me a silly story, etc. I love that he calls me ten times a day from work.

4. He can fall asleep in 5 seconds flat - as soon as he is in bed and our prayers are said, he is snoring. He is not messing around. I have only fallen asleep before him one time. ONE TIME.

5. He lets me blame everything on the "maintenance man". We are hoping this problem doesn't follow us to our next apartment.

6. He ALWAYS drives. I hate driving. I am really not that great at it. He likes driving (except when we are in Yellowstone and then he thinks we should take turns. Who knew?) This arrangement works out so well for us.

7. He always knows how to make me laugh. Even when I really am mad at him. He knows just what to say.

8. Estop ehh.

9. He actually likes to cook in the kitchen with me. He is the best helper and makes it really fun to do together. Except when he slices his fingertips off with the mandolin.

10. He is never picky about movies. He will gladly take me to a chick flick and even pretend to like it. Quite honestly, I really don't know if he ever likes a movie cause whenever I ask him if he likes it, he just mocks me and how I said I liked it. I have been trying to ask him his opinion before voicing mine, but I guess I'm easy to read when I like it? Whatever. He acts like he is happy either way, and that is always a win.

11. He is trying to help me be better with being on time. Guys this is really hard for me. And let me tell you he is so patient. I hope I am doing better.

12. He grunts "I love you" in his sleep when I finally get in bed and he is snoring. Literally grunts. Like a cave man. It is one of my favorite things.

13. He is the grill man. Turns it on, mans the meat, brings it in. I don't have to do any of it. And that is a beautiful thing. Plus he's really good at it. Nothing is cuter than him looking up cook times and measuring the temperature.

14. He loves watching a storm on our patio. He will say "Its time!" and be all excited and then we go outside and snuggle on our patio furniture I brought back to life. But don't bring a book or your phone. Because he expects you to literally watch the storm and that is all.

15. (Half-way there. Is anyone besides him still reading?) He always tells me thank you for working so hard around the house and making things nice and taking care of errands and making dinner, etc. He is so sweet cause he realizes that I am not just sitting at home watching the Kardashians. Although I definitely do watch them.

16. He is such a good provider and is constantly trying to figure out how to make things better. I am so grateful I married such a hard worker.

17. He is always trying to come up with something to surprise me with, even if its just a spontaneous dinner to the East Side at Golden Chick. Made us a bit nostalgic for high school days when we would meet there for lunch all the time.

18. He has such a fierce love and loyalty to family and friends that he holds as the same. He acts like such a tough guy, but let me tell you, I have never seen a heart so tender. He would do anything for them, to protect them, to help them. I love this about him.

19. He knew and loved my dad and I know my dad loved him too. I miss Daddy all the time and wish he was still around. But it is comforting to have Luke be able to tell me " your dad would say 'My heart pumps pickle juice for you'" or whatever silly thing it is at the time.

20. He is starting to realize that his selling our children joke is not really funny. Or at least realizing that I hate it so much that he has stopped telling it every five minutes. I think the one day that I was super emotional and burst into tears prolly put that one to a screeching halt.

21. He puts up with my spontaneous crying. He realizes that I am easily provoked and that the worst culprits are usually commercials. The one with Billy Ray Cyrus (I KNOW YOU ARE ALREADY CRYING TOO! But it isn't just the mere sight of him that made me cry) and his new show about military surprising their loved ones by coming home when not expected gets me every single time. Luke timed it: less than 5 seconds. Get a grip, Samantha!

22. He loves pillows. When I first unpacked my accent pillows for the sofa, he was baffled. He thought they were dumb, unnecessary, girly, etc. Now he needs no less than 5 to be comfortable on the sofa and I am left with one. (The sofa is big, I promise its not really that crazy to have that many pillows there.) Same thing when he sleeps. He needs at least 4.

23. He LOVES my cooking. His favorite thing to tell is how when I moved back to Dallas he had just lost 29 lbs thereby winning the Biggest Looser competition at work. I started cooking for him and he promptly put it right back on. I think two things need to change about this: one, I need to learn how to cook healthier/better options and two, maybe he shouldn't eat so much of it? I once heard my friend's husband say that he loved her cooking more than any other food and I thought that was the highest compliment. Her husband never wants to eat out because he always likes her food so much more. My husband will often tell me he likes my cooking better than somewhere we are eating and that just makes me beam. I love cooking for those I love.

24. He always asks for a treat, every night. Just like a little kid, its just so presh. So I always oblige. It would be rude not to. Right?

25. He always holds my hand. Wherever we are, whatever we are doing. I love that.

26. He is so frugal and good with managing our money. He has taught me so much in the short time we have been sharing and I am learning to really be smart about the choices we make with our dough.

27. He is always so excited to come home to me at the end of his work day. I love seeing him come back through that door. Then the fun begins.

28. He is so sentimental and sweet. He is such a teddy bear and such a lover. I am glad to get to spend my days with him. I always know he loves me.

29. He is so easy to please. He rarely asks for anything, so when he does, I listen up. (MLB tv has been his only request in months and it has brought endless happiness and we are barely past the All-Star break. That means many many more games to come.)

30. He loves me and is always quick to tell me. He makes it easy to love him back. I am so glad to have a partner who wants to pull the weight with me. So glad he's mine. Lucky us.

143- husband. Always & forever.


  1. I can't even tell you how happy it made me to read this. You are cute, funny, and fun. So is Luke. It was actually really great to learn more about him! Love the Volcanseks.

  2. I read all of them (although days later than posted). And I love you both so much. Thanks for sharing details about Luke - I loved learning about him. And I miss you both - can't wait to catch up with you soon! :-)

  3. Seriously are too stinking cute. I love you lots and I am so glad I know you! And I am sooooo happy for you and Luke!

  4. I smiled the whole way through this list. Too much! Love you both :)