Friday, August 12, 2011

stuff I made {baby version}

It seems we have had a lot of friends having babies recently, and its more fun and personal
(and better on the budget) to make them gifts.
I am a green girl, so you will see a theme with the fabrics I had on hand.

An embellished newborn onsie for Baby Pearl Jackson.
Is there anything cuter than a baby ruffle bum? I think not.
This one is supposed to be gender neutral for our dear friend Carita Holloway.
I realize that bows aren't very gender neutral, I do.
But I told her I would trim the ends to be cute knots instead of bows. :)
We can't wait to meet the new babies!


  1. Those are sooo cute! Teach me to be crafty!

    P.S. Is that olive green?? I love it so much that was one of my wedding colors.

  2. Love the ruffles so much. And I'm super impressed with that shirt.

  3. You are so talented! We love our tie onesies you made :)
    These are so cute.

  4. Ich würde mich sehr, sehr freuen, wenn du mein Blog verlinken würdest, weil er auch noch ziemlich neu und unbekannt ist. Würde gerne ein paar mehr Leute auf das Blog aufmerksam machen etc. ^_^