Thursday, August 11, 2011

Heaven from the Oven

Luke wanted to make a cake together for my birthday. I love cooking in the kitchen with my husband. Recently, my friends and I peeled, sliced and canned several hundred pounds of peaches and I was anxious to use some of them up.

Aren't they beautiful? I certainly think so.

We didn't follow a recipe but just kind of made things up as we went.

We started with butter, brown sugar and crushed pecans in the bottom of a spring form pan. This made it so easy to turn over at the end.
Then we lined it with the sliced peaches. We did it so carefully and made a pretty pattern, but with the pecans on top, you could hardly see the pattern when we finally turned it over.
Oh well.

This was all that was left of the jar of peaches. So I used my fancy new immersion blender that I got for my birthday to pure the rest of the peaches that were left from the jar of peaches.
I used a yellow cake mix to keep things easy and added the pureed peaches to that. Instead of the water the recipe like it called for, I used the syrup from the peaches.
We added some apple pie filling, minus the apples, that we had left over,
along with more crushed pecans.
The inverted cake. YUM!
I found a recipe for Caramel Sauce on Pioneer Woman, and it was seriously the best caramel sauce I have ever made. Luke is obsessed with this sauce.
It is life changing. You need to try this.

Served up with Bluebell, cause that makes everything better.


  1. That looks amazing. My favorite part of this post is that you just made it up. What? That kind of makes me hate you a little bit. You have mad kitchen skills, woman. Someday, let's live by each other. Surrously.